Live with Care

Live with Care helps you and your family be prepared in advance of a serious illness. We guide you through different stages of health from diagnosis to living with serious illness in various care settings. We help you navigate the health care system and find the resources you need for your situation.
The Live with Care Guide (The Guide) offers helpful information for dealing with serious health care issues, including finding the right resources and figuring out what questions to ask.
You will find links to Westchester-specific providers and resources, as well as to state and national websites
The Guide is divided into the following four sections:

  1. Being Prepared is important for every person age 18 and older.
  2. Being Diagnosed guides you if you suspect a serious illness and need information about what will occur in the hospital or in the doctor’s office during the process of being diagnosed.
  3. Living with Serious Illness offers guidance about how to live as well as possible in different care settings (home, hospital, nursing home) and about the role of your medical team. It addresses how to get relief from pain and other symptoms, and helps you locate illness-specific information and support.
  4. At the End of Life explains the symptoms of active dying, suggests what you can do for someone who is close to the end, and guides survivors through the period after a death.