Westchester Institute for Human Development

Westchester Institute for Human Development is a leader in addressing major social and health issues affecting people with disabilities and vulnerable children. WIHD addresses major social and health issues by developing and delivering medical, clinical and support services to individuals, their families and caregivers.

Assistive Technology Services 914-493-1317 ATP@WIHD.org
Behavioral Psychology Services 914-493-7070 BehaviorPsych@WIHD.org
Child Welfare Services
914-493-1022 Child_Welfare@WIHD.org
Community Support Network
914-493-8119 CSN@WIHD.org
Dental Care Services 914-493-8081 Dental@WIHD.org
Development & Communications 914-493-1344 DevelopmentTeam@WIHD.org
Early Intervention Services 914-493-8719 EarlyIntervention @WIHD.org
Executive Offices 914-493-8204 Exec@WIHD.org
Finance Department 914-493-8067 BusinessOffice@WIHD.org
Health Care Services 914-493-8170 WIHDHealth@WIHD.org
Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center (HVSEPC) 914-493-7665
Human Resource Department 914-493-5961 Recruiting@WIHD.org
LEND Training Program 914-493-8175 LEND@WIHD.org
Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders 914-493-73737 RCASD@WIHD.org
Speech and Hearing Services 914-493-7294 SpeechCenter@WIHD.org

Westchester Institute for Human Development
20 Hospital Oval West
Valhalla, NY
PHONE: 914-493-8150
EMAIL: info@WIHD.org