Ossining Children’s Center


Ossining Children’s Center creates a foundation for children’s life-long learning, achievement and well-being by providing high quality educational child care, and by serving as a community resource and advocate for families.


A common foundation underlies our programs across age groups. Here are a few of the key tenets. If you would like to learn more about how our philosophy impacts the day-to-day experience of our students, click here to learn more about our Programs.

Hands-on learners = > Enthusiastic learners 

We empower children to become enthusiastic and confident learners by immersing them in an environment of educational materials, enriching experiences and nurturing relationships with teachers and other students. Our curriculum teaches children how to learn, through:

  • Hands-on discovery activities
  • Games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music and movement
  • Child-initiated play
  • Enrichment programs that engage our community’s educational services and natural resources
  • And, especially, positive interaction with teacher-caregivers and one another

Child-centered = > Family-centered