Hudson River Watertrail Association

The Hudson River Watertrail Association is a coalition of small boaters, primarily human and wind powered, who are actively interested in the Hudson River as a treasure of natural and human history.
The HRWA was formed in 1992 as an all-volunteer, non-profit environmental and recreational action group, with the specific goal of building a river trail from the Atlantic Ocean to Canada and promoting a low impact approach to the river. The group was born of the realization that the Hudson River was difficult to access or actively use by small car-top boaters, including those interested in multi-day trips on the river.

  • Developing a water trail from the mouth of the Hudson to the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway, providing a variety of overnight facilities every 10-12 miles. The trail is designed for limited-range boats. Paddlers currently have the use of a number of such facilities, some of which are available only to rivergoers.
  • Identifying, advocating for, and negotiating points of access to the river.
  • Maintaining the trail though local “river stewards” and other volunteers. The HRWA is always seeking additional volunteers to adopt specific sites.
  • Promoting an ethic of conservation and responsible, non-polluting use of the Hudson River and adjacent waters.
  • Promoting knowledge, access and recreational use of the Hudson River by car-top boaters.
  • Publishing the Hudson River Water trail Guide
  • Enjoying and promoting the river’s natural beauty, and its flora and fauna.